Thierry Berlier


My current work which has just started, is radically and definitively orientated towards a style of painting close to calligraphy. Traces of this can already be found in my inks present on the site and unlike the paintings of 2016 and 2017 where the skyline was omnipresent, here I free myself from this space in order to somehow arrive in the heart of this horizon world.

I like to confront myself to the silence of the white canvas and its powerful and virginal brightness and then create a dance of more or less abstract signs.

The important thing is the commitment of the body, particularly the movements of the wrist in a movement-gesture that I try to live as authentically as possible.

I love this approach where there is no possibility of repentance and where the painting is realised in a few gestures, a little like haikus where the poet suddenly improvises his poem according to the inspiration of the moment, which him gives an exemplary freshness and modernity.

In the end, these signs trigger a musical phrase, moreover I stretch the canvas to its maximum to feel all the variations of the stroke as I press lightly or strongly and in order to live all these vibrations internally.

This painting is intentionally stripped down: it is by an inner necessity that I made the decision to go straight to the essentials, to the breath and the vital impulse.