Thierry Berlier


Thierry Berlier was born in 1963 in Brussels, where he currently resides.

His life, which essentially oriented towards painting, is punctuated by pictorial silences that have at their heart a respect of the will of the work, with its sudden and sometimes dazzling inspirations, but also its fallow periods, which are essential for those who wish to preserve the authenticity of the creative breath.

It is by continuing to dialogue with the past that he creates new paths of exploration, rich in secular memory.

On the other hand, his approach is designed to speak to the senses. The painting is conceived here as a dance, a choreography, both for itself as an executor and for the person to whom it is given to look at the canvas that results from it.

For the past few years there has been a very significant turning point in his approach. It is none other than the result of a real encounter with Chinese painting, where one does not distinguish the notions of abstraction and figuration, and where pictorial writing almost parallels calligraphy. Due to this his technique has become more contemplative.

It is in this sense that he continues to create, as evidenced by the series of paintings developed in 2018, in which we can see and almost touch a liberation, enlightening, at the same time an individuation: that of a work that has found its way and which travels in self-evident joy.